Resources! let's talk shipping, sustainability, art supplies & fundraising


do you ship internationally?

Yes! I ship from my little home in New York, and I can ship anywhere that USPS will ship to.

I am shipping to the UK & the EU, but please be aware that the customer is responsible for paying any import VAT, taxes, and fees associated with your order. The cost of international shipping through my shop does not cover import VAT charges, which is a separate payment you will need to pay your delivery service. Orders cannot be refunded if you fail to pay import fees that allow your package to arrive safely to you.

Again, Cissy's Art Cafe is not responsible for any fees or taxes incurred on your order and these fees are not included in the item’s price or shipping costs.

how long will my order take to arrive to me?

USPS currently states that domestic mail takes 2-5 business days to arrive and international mail varies by location, but may take a couple weeks up to a month or so to arrive. Shipping speeds have also been delayed due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, so please be patient! If you've waited over a month for your package to arrive (two months for international friends), please don't hesitate to email me and I will try my best to help you.

I currently ship my orders out around once or twice a week depending on order volume! I try my best to pack orders within a timely manner, and when your order is packed you will receive either a tracking number or a note added to your order information in your email. Please remember that I am a single person running my shop, and I am trying my best to get your order to you as soon as I can!

how much does shipping cost?

With the switch over to Shopify, I've decided to switch to weight-based shipping! Shipping costs are calculated based on USPS's current shipping fees, and all domestic mail is tracked and starts at around $5.

I am still offering $5 sticker mail shipping for international orders! Please select the Sticker Mail option if your order only includes stickers - if your order is not eligible for sticker mail shipping, it will be refunded. If your order includes anything else (prints, pins, etc), your order will include tracking and the shipping costs are calculated by USPS and start at around $16.

I understand that shipping is expensive, but unfortunately as a small business I do not have any control over offering you more affordable shipping - these prices are set by USPS, and they go up every year.

what is your refund policy?

If your order gets lost in the mail, I am happy to work with you to try and replace items as long as they are not custom made or original artwork. I cannot refund orders that arrive safely to you, unless there is a defective product, in which case please email me and I'll be happy to send you a replacement.

Due to the cost of tracked shipping, especially for international orders, any help with replacement shipping costs would be greatly appreciated!

sustainability & manufacturers

As an artist who draws inspiration from the natural world, I care deeply about sustainability and have tried my best to take steps towards creating a more sustainable shop!

packaging supplies

All tracked orders are mailed in 100% recycled padded mailers from EcoEnclose and are curbside recyclable. All sticker orders are mailed in 100% recycled paper envelopes.

Inside your package, your order will be protected by a water-resistant glassine envelope or a 100% recycled plastic film bag. Glassine envelopes are made from virgin material but are 100% curbside recyclable and compostable. Please remember to remove stickers from the glassine bag before recycling, as stickers are not recyclable! Plastic film bags are recyclable with film recycling, generally available at your local grocery store.

Your package will also be wrapped in 100% recycled tissue from Noissue, although I am will be considering new packaging solutions when I run out of tissue in order to further cut down on packaging waste.

merchandise & manufacturers

Most of my sticker and print products are made in my living room. Sticker backing, in general, cannot be recycled because of the nature of the sticker release paper, but I try my best to maximize the amount of stickers on a single sheet of paper to reduce the amount of waste created.

Stickers that are not created in house are manufactured by Sticker Ninja, a small business based in Portland, Oregon. All of my glitter stickers and exclusive vinyl sticker sheets are made by them!

Prints are printed on 100% cotton paper, which is a highly renewable fiber! I am currently researching recycled paper options to maintain quality.

I transitioned from designing enamel pins to designing wooden pins, and the only enamel pins I have available are designs from when I first started my shop. My wooden pins are manufactured by Zap Creatives and are made from responsibly sourced Maple wood.

Business and thank you cards are manufactured by Gotprint, and I use their 100% recycled options. All of my exclusive postcard prints (available on my Patreon) are also printed on the same material.

Custom Post-It notes are manufactured by Vistaprint and are printed on paper that contains at least 30% post-consumer recycled content.

Washi tapes are manufactured by Washi Mill, a trusted factory based in Guangdong, China. They offer low-plastic packaging options.

art & journaling supplies

All handmade clay items are made with polymer clay (specifically, Sculpey Premo).

All crocheted and knitted items are made with natural material yarns - cotton, wool, and linen yarns. I am phasing out acrylic yarns in my yarn collection!

All digital art is made on an iPad Pro (2017) with a 1st generation Apple Pencil in the Procreate app. I use a mixture of brushes, but my favorites are the 6B pencil for sketching, Dry Ink & Ink Bleed for flats and shading, and a variety of MaxPack Watercolor and Retro pack brushes for details and texture.

My favorite watercolors are the Sennelier French Watercolors, which are wildly pricey but blend beautifully. I like 300gsm Arches cold-pressed paper for my watercolor paintings, but I'll use any brush that's nice and soft. I also occasionally use Arteza gouache and Rohrer & Klingner pigment inks.

I'm a huge fan of fountain pens, since they are a more sustainable option to your regular gel ink pen, which are one-time use only. My favorite fountain pens are the TWSBI Eco (I have it with an EF nib), the Lamy Safari (EF nib), and the Kaweco Sport (M nib - their F nibs can get scratchy). My favorite fountain pen inks are by Pilot Iroshizuku and J. Herbin - both brands make smaller ink bottles, which is great if you like trying out a bunch of different ink colors. Pilot Iroshizuku also makes a great black ink called Take-Sumi for ink illustrations!

If you have any questions about my supplies, please contact me! Art and craft supplies are one of my favorite topics of all time, so I'm always happy to chat about them.


I am deeply passionate about donating time and money towards social issues and environmental causes that are so much bigger than me and impact the entire world. I am incredibly proud to be able to take a portion of my shop's profits and donate my time through streaming to help fight for a more sustainable and socially conscious future.

Currently, I am fundraising for the National Network of Abortion Funds through my Twitch streams, and as of writing, we have raised $300 out of my $500 goal. If you would like to donate towards my fundraiser, I would be endlessly grateful.

past fundraisers include:

A Twitch charity stream for Stonewall Community Foundation, which raises money and distributes it across the US to help the LGBTQIA+ community. We were able to raise $511 within just a few hours!

Sticker and art print fundraisers to raise money for organizations such as Asian Women Alliance ($204), Send Chinatown Love ($124), Asian Americans Advancing Justice ($144), The Okra Project ($370), the National Bailout Fund ($235), Food Banks NYC ($280), the Amazon Rainforest Action Network ($145), Fair Fight ($80), Australian Wildlife Rescue ($205), and the Equal Justice Initiative ($111).